The andullation

Andullation is a relatively new treatment method that is part of the so-called ‘biophysical’ therapies. Combining mechanical vibrations and infrared heat, Andullation has been used for more than 10 years in Germany to reduce pain, improve performance and provide overall relaxation of the body. This technique was developed in university clinics by doctors and researchers. Andullation does not act specifically on a single organ, but influences in a global way all the basic functions of the organism.

Three simple principles are used during this therapy:

  • The decubitus, that is to say, the reclining position, relaxation position par excellence
  • The infra-red, known since the sun exists
  • Oscillations at frequencies between 20 and 80 oscillations per second, whose beneficial effects have been known since the 1930s.

Andullation applies the combined effects of mechanical vibrations and infrared heat in order to stimulate cellular metabolism and promote the regeneration process .Tel is the secret of Andullation mattresses, used among others for relaxation, to relieve back problems or pain related to fibromyalgia or other chronic conditions.

It was in 2001 that Andullation’s first system was launched on the market. In 2004, the second model of the company HHP, the origin of the concept and its development, is entering the market, then still known as ‘massage mattress’. At that time, medical programs did not exist yet. Since then, the company HHP has developed a series of professional devices, instruments and services to help relieve the pain of chronic diseases, but also the problems of circulation or muscle tension.

How does Andullation work?

The cells, the energy producers of our body

To function well, our cells need energy. They obtain it thanks to the molecule ATP (adenosine triphosphate). If our cells lack energy, they die. If they receive sufficient energy, they are (usually) healthy, which is reflected in our organs. Then, the proper functioning of each of our organs is necessary for our general health.

Effects on our cells

Our cells are renewed regularly. Each time, an identical copy of the predecessor is created, equipped with everything needed for a cell to live. This is a very delicate process and very susceptible to disturbances. Inadequate food, natural aging, stress and environmental influences make our cells struggle. Their ability to produce energy and regeneration decreases and they lose their vitality. In this sense, our cells are a direct reflection of our lifestyle. Thus, we ourselves are responsible for the health of our cells. The loss of energy can not only be perceived at the cellular level, but is also felt as a general loss of vital energy.

Increase the energy in our cells

Through mechanical vibrations, andullation generates electrical micro-currents, which enter our cells and activate the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). This process increases the amount of energy in our cells, which, in turn, has a positive effect on our organs and our overall health.

Thanks to andullation, the pain signals can be ‘repressed’. In the first instance, andullation creates positive signals in our body, which, as it were, repress the painful signals. As a result of this repression, the brain receives more and more positive signals, which ultimately results in a reduction of pain. Secondly, regular application of andullation releases endorphins. Endorphins are considered our ‘natural painkiller’. They further increase the effect of repression.

By the action of blood, our body is supplied with nutrients. When the blood circulation is insufficient, this process is disturbed, causing fatigue or illness. This is a determining factor for the health of our blood. The blood cells of a sick blood coagulate and dry up. As a result, they lose their vitality and carry less and less nutrients. Andullation reactivates the blood and releases the coagulated blood cells again. The blood becomes more liquid and the transport of necessary nutrients is restored. We feel healthier again and we enjoy greater vitality.

Physical relaxation

Through constant activity, muscular tensions settle in the body. As a result, the muscles are not nourished enough, and pains appear. By the infrared heat of the andullation, the blood vessels dilate, and thanks to the mechanical vibrations the muscles are better irrigated with blood. Nutrients are absorbed again and tensions dissolve. Many complaints are due to poor blood supply.

Mental relaxation

Stress has a detrimental effect on our nervous system. The human nervous system has two parts: a stimulating part (sympathetic) and a soothing part (parasympathetic). In stressful situations, the sympathetic system is over-activated. To restore equilibrium, andullation produces, through mechanical vibrations, positive signals which, so to speak, ‘relativize’ the negative signals of the sympathetic system. Thanks to infrared heat, vibrations can penetrate deeper into the tissues. This helps to relieve stress.

Lymph is a milky, slightly turbid body fluid that circulates in the lymphatic vessels. Lymph has a detoxifying function and plays an important role in tissue drainage (drainage = elimination of body fluids). In fact, the lymph eliminates superfluous tissue fluids through the lymphatic vessels and treats them as part of the metabolic process. These are mostly fats and proteins that, because of their volume, fail to enter the blood vessels through the capillary walls. After the blood circulation, the lymphatic system is the most important transport system of the human body. It is specially equipped for the transport of nutrients and waste, and it eliminates above all external pathogens. Therefore, andullation allows a better metabolism in the lymphatic system, as well as a more efficient immune system in that, thanks to the elimination of pathogens, diseases are prevented.

Why use Andullation?

Chronic pain

With andullation, pain due to various conditions such as back problems, fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis can be alleviated. Especially complaints related to chronic conditions can be at the base of a long ordeal affecting the quality of life. Andullation can help improve the quality of life through the mitigation of pain. The second basic principle, especially the repression of painful signals, is applicable here. It is again possible, through a natural process, to lead a normal daily life and restore its quality of life.

Sharp pain

Nowadays, acute pain due to physical exertion is no longer exceptional. In the case of acute pain too, andullation may provide pain relief. For acute pain, the second basic principle is also applicable. Here, it is sufficient to perform short-term andullation sessions to repress the pain signals by the positive signals of mechanical vibrations.


Andullation not only relieves existing pain, but also has a preventive effect, thus avoiding pain. Through the first basic principle, andullation treatment stimulates cells to produce more energy. This has a positive influence on our health. In addition, Basic Principle No. 5 stimulates the elimination of pathogens and protects us against disease. Our vitality increases and our immune system is strengthened.

Warming up

Andullation can be used to warm up the body before sports activities. The blood circulation improves and the cells receive more energy. Nobody is capable of physical performance without being prepared beforehand. However, the preparation time can be considerably shortened by a good heating, which also prevents muscle stretching. This effect is possible thanks to the basic principle n ° 3, better blood supply, and the basic principle n ° 1, energy production in the cell.

Better performances

Thanks to the effects of andullation, the cells are stimulated to produce more energy. On the one hand, this energy is necessary for the physical effort itself, ie. to achieve the proposed goal. On the other hand, cellular energy has a positive effect on the proper functioning of our organs, which is a condition for good sports performance. Thanks to the basic principle # 1, power generation in the cell, the current delivery can be improved.


When exceptional sporting efforts are required, it is important to heal your body and balance that effort in one way or another. When the body is subjected to continual tension, the muscles harden and the blood supply decreases. At this time, the basic principle n ° 3, is applicable. By the vibrations of andullation, the muscles relax, the blood circulation is reactivated and the lymphatic flow stimulated. This whole process leads to an optimization of physical regeneration and prevents tension.


To favorably influence the anti-aging process, stimulation of the collagen substance is of crucial importance. Collagen is everywhere in our body: in bones, cartilage, tendons, joints, teeth, skin and many other places. Collagen is an essential component of our connective tissue. It is thanks to him that the contours of our skin are, so to speak, padded. Therefore, the quality of the collagen substance is visible through our skin. If the amount of collagen substance decreases in the body, wrinkles appear, which make us look older. The basic principle n ° 1, energy production in the cell, allows the reconstruction of collagen substance thanks to the energy supply in the cells. But also the basic principle # 2 – better blood supply and the basic principle # 4, activation of relaxation mechanisms, promote this process through the improvement of metabolic functions and the activation of relaxation mechanisms. A better metabolism allows to transport the material necessary for cellular regeneration in the skin and to eliminate metabolic waste from the body. Since muscle tension also plays a role in the formation of wrinkles, it is essential to relax the muscles. Unlike Botox treatment, andullation does not paralyze the skin, but relaxes it naturally from the inside.

Anti stress

Since in today’s life we ​​are more and more exposed to stress, our body no longer has the opportunity to relax. A \ “Burn Out \” is no longer rare. The cause ? The prolonged negative stress, also called, disstress’. The disstress is due to several factors. Apart from the external influences, there are also the psychic constraints that cause the disstress. Especially in professional life, the bar is placed higher and higher. Often, we submit to unrealistic requirements. The consequence is that we are victims of the disstress. The way we respond to job demands determines our level of stress. Basic Principle # 4, Activation of Relaxation Mechanisms, helps us cope with the demands of everyday life by restoring harmony in the vegetative nervous system in a natural way. As a result, the stress level decreases and a protective shield is erected. Thus, we ourselves are responsible for our stress level.


Our muscles play an important role in relaxing both physically and mentally. Strenuous activities and stressful situations harden our muscles. But we can fix it! Andullation allows the muscles to relax. As a result, a state of deep relaxation sets in and a total regeneration takes hold of the body and mind. Stress can cause a whole series of complaints. In the worst case, one is struck by a burn-out. Continuous negative stress is also called distress. It is often the result of an exaggerated physical burden. The way we succeed in meeting the demands of our job or our daily lives, determines our individual stress situation. By paralyzing our stress mechanism, we become ourselves masters of stress. This is done when we balance our vegetative nervous system. The level of stress goes down and our ability to handle stress increases.

Body remodeling

Metabolism is an essential factor for our body weight. Our metabolism regulates the biochemical cellular processes necessary for our bodily functions. Our body must be supplied with nutrients, but at the same time it must be purified of waste. However, the degree of metabolic activity is different for each individual. That’s why some people lose pounds more easily, or get back faster than others. When the metabolism is not performing, all attempts to lose weight will be doomed to failure. It’s demotivating and depressing! Andullation helps boost metabolism and, as a result, improves quality of life. To slim down, the basic principle No. 3 is applied (better blood circulation), as well as the basic principle No. 5, stimulation of the lymphatic flow. Thanks to the basic principle # 3, essential nutrients enter our body. It gives us more vitality. And thanks to the basic principle n ° 5 the metabolic waste is evacuated. These two basic principles are essential functions of our metabolic activity. They are favored by Andullation therapy.