The andullation

Andullation is a relatively new treatment method that is part of the so-called ‘biophysical’ therapies. Combining mechanical vibrations and infrared heat, Andullation has been used for more than 10 years in Germany to reduce pain, improve performance and provide overall relaxation of the body. This technique was developed in university clinics by doctors and researchers. Andullation does not act specifically on a single organ, but influences in a global way all the basic functions of the organism.

Three simple principles are used during this therapy:

  • The decubitus, that is to say, the reclining position, relaxation position par excellence
  • The infra-red, known since the sun exists
  • Oscillations at frequencies between 20 and 80 oscillations per second, whose beneficial effects have been known since the 1930s.

Andullation applies the combined effects of mechanical vibrations and infrared heat in order to stimulate cellular metabolism and promote the regeneration process .Tel is the secret of Andullation mattresses, used among others for relaxation, to relieve back problems or pain related to fibromyalgia or other chronic conditions.

It was in 2001 that Andullation’s first system was launched on the market. In 2004, the second model of the company HHP, the origin of the concept and its development, is entering the market, then still known as ‘massage mattress’. At that time, medical programs did not exist yet. Since then, the company HHP has developed a series of professional devices, instruments and services to help relieve the pain of chronic diseases, but also the problems of circulation or muscle tension.

How does Andullation work?

Why use Andullation?