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Marie Poncelet
Marie PonceletPhysiotherapist

Your Physiotherapist in Bascharage, Marie Poncelet graduated in 2012 from a Master’s Degree in Physiotherapy, which was awarded by the Robert Schuman High School of Libramont (Belgium). During her studies, she completed many internships that allowed her to develop her physiotherapist skills. Among them we find courses in liberal cabinets (Ledecq cabinet in Paliseul and Charleville-Mezieres); in hospitals in orthopedic services (Namur Regional Hospital Center), pediatrics (Saint-Vincent de Dinant Hospital), pneumology (Saint-Vincent de Dinant Hospital), neurology (Saint Vincent de Dinant Hospital), intensive care (Warcq Clinic in Charleville-Mézières), external (Princess Paola de Marche Hospital), physiotherapy (Center Hospitalier de l’Ardenne in Sainte-Ode), hydrotherapy (Center Hospitalier de l’Ardenne in Sainte-Ode) ), palliative care (Center Hospitalier de l’Ardenne in Sainte-Ode), Back and Weight School (Center Hospitalier de l’Ardenne in Sainte-Ode); rehabilitation and rehabilitation centers (from Warcq to Charleville-Mézières and from the Hospital Center de l’Ardenne to Sainte-Ode); specialized center for disabled people (special secondary education in Marloie); in a sports club (women’s basketball club at the Bayard stadium in Charleville-Mézières);

Marie Poncelet, your physiotherapist in Kaerjeng has also followed various courses that have allowed her to expand her knowledge and to vary her practice of physiotherapy:

  • Training in weight school in 2011 (at the Hospital Center of the Ardennes in Sainte-Ode);
  • Kinesiotaping technique basic course (muscular technique) and advanced in 2012 (given by Mr Barthélemy Johnatan accredited trainer in Kinesiotaping and physiotherapist in a private practice in Rodange);
  • Leduc method in Manual Lymphatic Drainage, specific bandages and pressotherapy in 2012 (from Professor Emétite of the
  • University of Brussels Albert Laduc and the Associate Professor at the University Professor of High Schools Olivier Leduc);
  • ATMS, Sport Osteoépathetic Manual Therapy in 2014 (by Professor Dominique Lippens);
  • Myofascial hooking (ATMS) in 2014 (by Professor Dominique Lippens);
  • Training in Perineology and Rehabilitation Uro-gynecology given by Pol Dumont Professor at the HEPHO and organized by the Scientific Society of Rehabilitation Training

From a professional point of view, Marie worked for three years as an independent physiotherapist in a firm of three partners located in Alle sur Semois in Belgium. Since May 2015, she has been a physiotherapist at Pôle Equilibre & Santé in Bascharage, Luxembourg.

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