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Julien Kune
Julien KunePhysiotherapist

Julien Kune, your physiotherapist in Bascharage, completed a master’s degree in physiotherapy at the Robert Schuman High School in Libramont, where he graduated in June 2012. During his studies, he was trained in a large number of theoretical subjects including anatomy, general, special and movement physiology, biomechanics, physiology, sports, medical and surgical pathologies, orthopedics of the upper and lower limbs, neurology, respiratory, cardiac and vascular revalidation, geriatrics, medical imaging, palliative care, etc … but also to many practical subjects such as cardio-respiratory rehabilitation, massage, mobilization, neurological rehabilitation, specialized techniques, examinations and assessments, orthopedic and sports rehabilitation, the palpatory anatomy, etc … not to mention the clinical teaching where he had the opportunity to take in c harvests infants, children, adolescents, pregnant women, seniors and athletes.

The clinical part was performed in several hospitals, private practices, rehabilitation centers and sports clubs of the French elite. These different courses were designed to discover the different worlds of physiotherapy (sports medicine, geriatric rehabilitation, cardiac and respiratory rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation, orthopedic rehabilitation, etc …). The internships took place during the third and fourth year of study, notably at the training center of FC Metz (kiné sportive), in the orthopedic department of the Regional Hospital Center of Namur, in the geriatric and cardio-respiratory department of the Hospital Center. of Sainte-Ode, in the neurology department of the Emile Mayrisch Hospital Center in Esch-sur-Alzette, in the professional football club of CSSA Sedan (French Ligue 2) and in various liberal cabinets.

After his studies, your physiotherapist in Käerjeng, Julien Kune had the opportunity to follow various formations such as Oro-maxillofacial reeducation dispensed by Professor Thyl Snoeck, manual lymphatic drainage (lecture given by Professor Olivier Leduc), advanced kinesiotaping techniques (Mr Barthelemy), Strapping (Mr Hanus) and low back pain and lombosciatic sports (Ms Depouhon).

He has been working at Bascharage’s Balance & Health Center since October 2012.


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