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Florian Savaris
Florian SavarisPhysiotherapist

Florian Savaris, your physiotherapist in Bascharage, holds a master degree in physiotherapy from the ULB (Free University of Brussels) obtained in August 2016. During his studies, he was trained in a large number of theoretical subjects among which the anatomy, general physiology, special and movement, biomechanics, physiology, sports, medical and surgical pathologies, orthopedics of the upper and lower limbs, neurology, respiratory, cardiac and vascular revalidation, geriatrics, medical imaging, palliative care, etc … but also to many practical subjects such as cardio-respiratory rehabilitation, massage, mobilization, neurological rehabilitation, specialized techniques, exams and assessments in physiotherapy, orthopedic rehabilitation and sports , the palpatory anatomy, etc … not to mention the clinical teaching where he had the opportunity to take in charge of infants, children, adolescents, pregnant women, seniors and athletes.

The clinical part was carried out in several departments of the Erasmus Hospital and in particular in the intensive care unit where your Physiotherapist Florian Savaris realized his memoir entitled “Functional repercussions of a stay greater than 5 days in intensive care unit”, the memory he supported with Great Distinction and which was presented at the Francophone Days of Nutrition and the Congress of Intensive Care in Milan. He was also able to work alongside Ralph Delire at the Center for Ambulatory Neurological Ambulatory Rehabilitation for adults of the Erasmus Hospital and thus improve his management of patients with neurological disorders. As for traumatology and postoperative rehabilitation, he had the chance to work at the Rehazenter but also at the Kineos center in Metz where he was able to take charge of FC Metz footballers but also Metz Handball players. , like Orlane Kanor, World and European Handball Champion.

After his studies, your physiotherapist in Käerjeng, Florian Savaris had the opportunity to work in several cabinets of the South and Center of Luxembourg to perfect his practice. He then decided to take over the Cabinet in July 2018 and made him join the Pôle Equilibre & Santé network to become the first Pôle Equilibre&Santé in Luxembourg.


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