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Florian Savaris
Florian SavarisOsteopath D.O.

Your Osteopath at Bascharage Florian Savaris followed a 5-year full-time training in Osteopathy at ISO Ostéo Lyon. During his years of study, he was trained in a large number of theoretical subjects (over 1600 hours of training) including anatomy, physiology, pathology, biomechanics, pediatrics, etc … but also in many practical subjects (more than 2000 hours of training) such as structural, functional techniques, TGO (general osteopathic treatment), visceral, pelvic, cranial techniques, etc.… without forgetting clinical teaching (more than 1000 hours of training ) where he will have had the opportunity to take care of children, adolescents, pregnant women, seniors, athletes and infants in 2 clinics located in Ecully and Villeurbanne (France).

During his 5 years of study, your osteopath also practiced on numerous sports courses such as the Urban Trail of Lyon, the Ubaye Trail Salomon, but also Handball, Volleyball competitions, etc. He was also lucky to intervene on events such as the UNICEF water night and in medical reception centers for disabled people. In addition, his various practical experiences in business allowed him to better understand the impact of a professional activity on the state of our health.

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His training establishment

isosteoFounded in 1991, the Higher Institute of Osteopathy of Lyon-Limonest (previously known as ISO Lyon) actively participated in the creation of the first teaching of osteopathy in initial post-bac training. In 2007, ISO Lyon was part of the 1st list of schools approved by the Ministry of Health to deliver the Diploma of Osteopath (D.O). The Osteopath Diploma allows the use of the title of osteopath and the liberal exercise of osteopath. In 2010, ISO Lyon became ISOstéo Lyon. Symbol of a new dynamic, the name ISOstéo highlights the profession of osteopath and represents the desire not only to adapt to changes in the world of osteopathy, but also to contribute to their anticipation, through a focused education on professionalization. Since 2011, the Osteopath Diploma (DO) issued by ISOstéo Lyon has been RNCP certified (National Directory of Professional Certifications) Level I Master Degree (Bac + 5): ISOstéo Lyon is one of the first 11 French schools to receive Level I certification. Ministry of Labour. ISOstéo Lyon is also part of SNESO (National Union of Higher Education in Osteopathy), the only French union grouping together 6 schools imposing a minimum of 5 years of study and approved by the Ministry of Health on August 17, 2007. These schools are at the origin of the Osteopathic Training Guidelines “Become an Osteopath, Act with competence” proving a pledge of know-how and know-how to train osteopathic practitioners of great competence and great safety for patients.

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