Osteopath Bascharage Ilana Kalfa

Ilana Kalfa
Ilana KalfaOsteopath D.O.

Your osteopath in Bascharage Ilana Kalfa was trained for 5 years full-time at the Toulouse Institute of Osteopathy in Labège. During this training she received a theoretical course of 2008h including many theoretical subjects such as anatomy, physiopathology or even biomechanics … She also spent 2405h to practical teaching with the first of many therapeutic approaches like visceral, structural or cranial techniques.

During her clinical teaching she will have had the opportunity to take care of infants, children and adolescents, pregnant women, seniors, and athletes.

Ilana Kalfa was also able to intervene at the Rangueil University Hospital Center in the Department of General and Digestive Surgery with her end of studies dissertation on the follow-up of patients after a visceral surgery of the wall.

She was also able to practice at the Joseph Ducuing Hospital in Toulouse in traumatology and maternity services, from IUCT Oncopole in Toulouse, and was fortunate to be able to enter the Medical Staff of many sports competitions such as the Trail of Picou, the Wodapalooza (competition of Crossfit in Miami) as well as the follow-up of professional riders in particular in Complete Competition of Riding.

In addition, your osteopath in Bascharage was also able to take part in many internships in a reception center for people with disabilities, as in the Elheva association in Toulouse.

It is through these numerous partnerships that she has been able to develop her practice always in order to provide patients with the best possible care and to adapt to any type of situation.

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Her training institution

ITO Toulouse

 Founded in 2002, the Toulouse Institute of Osteopathy is one of the leading schools in the training of osteopaths in France whose vocation is to train qualified, competent, autonomous and responsible osteopaths. ITO was approved at first instance on 9 August 2007 by the Ministry of Health, Youth and Sports. This accreditation authorizes to deliver the Diploma of Osteopath (O.D.) allowing the use of the title of osteopath and the liberal exercise of this profession. The Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Women’s Rights has renewed for 5 years the approval of the Toulouse Institute of Osteopathy on July 9, 2015 on the basis of the new provisions of Decrees No. 2014-1043 and no. 2014-1505 governing the teaching of osteopathy in France, which the Institute respects in all respects (approval number: AFSH1606510S). The Institut Toulousain d’Osteopathie was audited in June 2018 on the criteria of the certification of services “Osteopathy: compliance and quality of service of training” by “Bureau Veritas Certification” and obtained this certification at the level of excellence. ITO is also part of the National Federation of Higher Education in Osteopathy (FNESO). The FNESO brings together osteopathic higher education institutions accredited by the Ministry of Health and accepting an audit of compliance with the regulatory standard by an independent body of the profession. Finally, the Toulouse Institute of Osteopathy is an active member of the 1st network of schools of osteopathy in France, which brings together several osteopathic training institutions, spread throughout the national territory. This establishment is fully in line with the project of the Franc’Osteo Network whose ambition is to bring together schools of reference in pedagogy and thus offer its students a course of excellence and evolutionary training. Réseau Franc’Osteo brings together 6 reference institutions accredited by the Ministry of Health, working in close collaboration, representing more than 2000 trained students per year and a network of more than 3000 osteopaths currently in practice.

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